How do I get my stupid phone to understand that it's not in California?

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Mar 1, 2014
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I recently bought a used wireless router from ebay (from a seller in Pasadena, CA) and started using it last week to replace an older one. I started noticing that my new Nexus 5x on Project Fi would sometimes show Pasadena, CA for its location, both in the Weather Underground widget and on Google Maps when it is connected to my home wifi (on the battery saving location mode). If I turn GPS on, it gets a position fix and the location is updated correctly, but if I turn GPS back off (to save the battery) it eventually goes back to showing Pasadena again. It will occasionally correct itself (when I hit refresh on the WU widget) with the GPS off but it always seems to go back to showing Pasadena eventually.

A Google search shows that sometimes routers will retain the location information that has been associated with their mac address, so I get why this is happening. But the strange thing is that a wifi only tablet I also have on the network has always shown the correct location the whole time. Also this afternoon I turned on the phone I just replaced (Samsung Galaxy S3 with a T-Mobile sim card installed but no service) and my old Nexus 7 tablet to see what they would do. The phone briefly showed Pasadena on the WU widget before correcting itself and the old tablet never showed Pasadena but has had the location correct the entire time it's been on. For what it's worth though, the 5x is the only device that has left and returned to the house during the time the new router has been up running.

I can't understand then why the Nexus 5x can't get it right. It always shows the correct location when not on my wifi network. Doesn't it get position info from local cell towers also in addition to the wifi? Is there some setting I need to adjust? This thing is starting to drive me crazy...


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Aug 5, 2015
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The most likely answer is the phone is asking the router where it is and the router is lying to it.
Download the user guide for the router and correct its settings.

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