How Do I uninstall Google Voice when I cannot open the on-screen keyboard?

William Tunstall

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Jul 20, 2018
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I have an older Google Nexus 10. I made the mistake of installing Google Voice. It has disabled the on-screen keyboard. Now I cannot do ANYTHING; I cannot sign into any of my accounts to install or un-install anything and I cannot do a complete reset because I cannot even enter the tablet PIN to initiate the reset.

Is there a magical way to wipe this tablet clean of all installed apps or is it, now, just an expensive paper weight?


Jul 14, 2011
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Google Voice doesn't replace your keyboard. A Keyboard icon should appear when you tap into any text input field either below on the navigation bar or as an option in the notification bar (depends on which Android version the tablet has) to select which keyboard you want to use; just use that and select anything other than Google's Voice Input.

If that still doesn't show up (it should), you can still manage your keyboard options from the Language and Input section in your device's Settings. You can also go into your App Manager and/or Play Store, find Voice input and uninstall it.