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How do I use the phone microphone and usb audio out at the same time?


AC Question

The CD player in my car (Rockford Fosgate 8250) has a digital input so I am doing audio out on my Pixel in this setup:

Pixel -> USB OTG to USB to S/PDIF converter -> Digital Coax Cable to Deck Digital Input

The audio output works great but when I set it up this way the microphone on the phone stops taking input, I assume it is also looking for audio input through USB. Is there anyway to maintain the usb audio output while keeping the phone microphone input?


New member
Aug 29, 2011
Have you made any headway here? I have been wondering the same thing.

There are 2 things I may try, but I'm wondering if you already have:

1 - putting a USB OTG splitter or hub in between the OTG cable and the converter


2 - plugging a stand alone microphone into the headphone jack.

I'm not sure if either would work, does anyone have any experience with either?