How do you add a local calendar in the native calendar app?


Oct 7, 2013
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I'm upgrading from a Samsung Galaxy S3 to the S6 (not Edge or Active) with the 5.1.1 update. I'm frustrated by a handful of things I use a lot on my old phone that don't seem to be there on my new one. One thing that's really aggravating me is the native calendar app. On my old phone, when I went to "manage calendars" I could add a separate, locally-stored calendar for my work appointments, which I could then hide if I didn't want it cluttering up my main calendar, where I kept my own personal appointments, reminders, tasks, etc.

On the new phone, if I tap "manage calendars," it says "add account" at the top. I have the option to add a Microsoft Exchange account or an Aquamail account (I use Aquamail instead of the native email app or Gmail), and I already have one Samsung account and one Google account (and no option to add another of either; it tells me I already have one). Under the heading of "on device," it says "My Calendars" (plural), but there's just the one, as well as tasks and contacts' birthdays. When I transferred my information from my old phone, it copied only what was under "My Calendar" on my old phone. "Work Calendar" didn't make it to my new phone.

My first thought was to add my work appointments as tasks, but when I add something to my calendar the only options are My Calendar, Samsung, or Google. (I had a couple of tasks when I moved from my old phone but I have no idea how I did it. There's nothing different about the entries on my old phone.) Since 90% of what's on my work calendar are HIPAA-protected medical appointments, I didn't want to sync them with any online accounts. So my next idea was to put my work appointments on My Calendar and use my Google account for my personal appointments. Even though I'm still logged into Google and have both WiFi and mobile data turned on, all of my Google appointments have disappeared from the native calendar app on my phone and don't show up on my old one at all. (I haven't checked and don't care if they're on Google Calendar. I have no interest whatsoever in storing reminders online to change my contact lenses and pay my gym membership. I also keep WiFi and mobile data turned off when I'm not using it, and I don't want to have to be online constantly just so my phone will wake me up early on Tuesdays if I forget to give John Doe a ride to work.)

I've tried third-party apps and Google's own calendar app. I haven't found one that I like as well as the one that came with my phone, and most of them want to sync my information to the cloud or an online account. Being online drains my battery like crazy (it lasts all day with some to spare if I keep WiFi and mobile data turned off) and even though my entries are along the lines of "XY to Dr. Z 9am" and not anything someone outside my agency would be able to decipher, I'm just not comfortable storing some of this information in an online account.

So does anybody know how to add a calendar? Any other thoughts, ideas, helpful suggestions?

Edit: I actually have my calendar information backed up the old-fashioned way, with paper and pencil, on my desk calendar. I need it on my phone for those times when I'm away from my desk--for example, at the doctor's office making a follow-up appointment and need to know what days I'm available, or I'm out in the field and someone needs to know when one of the residents last did something, or a service coordinator wants to schedule a meeting, or my boss calls me on Sunday night to ask what we've got going on in the morning. As far as sensitive health information, I do not work in the actual healthcare field. I'm a manager for a small residential care agency that provides homes for men with mental disabilities. Our state oversight office sent out a memorandum a few years ago allowing us to communicate via cell phone (including visual media such as a text message, etc.) with other employees of the agency about our consumers as long as we use initials only, don't share any personally-identifying information such as their birth dates or identification numbers, and it's reasonably unlikely that someone will see this information accidentally. If I'm only communicating with myself, legally I am allowed to have this information on my phone (just like if I had a text from a coworker it would be allowed). Our consumers and their guardians are informed annually that this is allowed and given the opportunity to refuse to allow us to do this. (No one ever has. Some of our consumers and nearly all of their guardians text us themselves.) However, we're not allowed to post anything regarding our consumers to social media or any publicly-accessible place and it just seems to me like keeping this information in an online account would be pushing the limits, even if I'm the only one who has my password. Plus, like I said, I don't want something that absolutely requires me to be online to use.
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Mar 9, 2012
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"Phone Account" calendars are risky, because those events are only stored locally (as you already know), meaning that if something happens to the phone, then you've lost all of that information (unless you backed up the events somewhere using 3rd party backup software, since the Phone Account doesn't sync automatically). I'm not sure how Kies or Smart Switch work when it comes to those Phone Account calendars--I would have thought that all locally-stored events would be transferred over. Since the events in question are HIPAA-protected, I would wonder if they're safe to keep on your device in the first place, unless the device is encrypted. From my experience, patient health information isn't supposed to be stored on an unsecure device--it usually has to be encrypted, and meet the security requirements of the healthcare institution (that is, if you're part of one).

Regarding your Google appointments disappearing--in the Calendar app, are you sure you have your Google account calendar set to sync, as well as to display? These options may be in separate parts of the app's settings. Also, go to Settings>Accounts-Google>[your Google account]​, and make sure Calendar is checked on.

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