How do you add an app to an existing workspace?


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Sep 13, 2018
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Galaxy S9+ is putting me through a vicious cycle when trying to log into my Slack work account, ultimately replacing my existing workspace (email/cal/etc). It will only allow one (full workspace of gmail/gcalendar) or the other (Slack)!

Currently have workspace installed by following:

1. Gmail > Add Account > [Choose Email Account]
2. Create Work Profile Page
3. Keep "I don't want a work profile" deselected (this is my personal phone, I don't want company Admin to have wiping powers)
4. "Creating Work Profile"
5. Agree to Terms of Service
6. Successfully synced with server

Now, I need to add same email account via my Slack app. From Slack app:

- Select to add "Google Accounts", enter my work email address, log in
- Agree to Google's Terms of Service
- Taken to the same Create Work Profile Page as mentioned in Step 2 above, Select "Next"
- "Uninstall existing Workspace?" message pops up. "You already have a Workspace. If you continue, All apps and data in the Workspace will be deleted. This data cannot be recovered.". - CANCEL or UNINSTALL

I don't want to cancel or uninstall! I need Slack to be added to my phone for communication with the company!

The only way to avoid this is to select "I don't want a work profile" but that gives the Admin the ability to wipe my phone. To be clear, I don't see the admin doing this but this seems like an awful workaround.

What am I missing?


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Feb 12, 2012
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You're missing the simple fact that you can't have two mutually exclusive things.

If you have communications with the company, you have a company workspace, and the admin can wipe that workspace.

If you don't want the company to have access to the phone, you can't have communications with the company.

(The reason for the company workspace is to keep your stuff separate from theirs, so that they an control only their space.)

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