How long before Apple app developers start developing more of the same for Android


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Apr 23, 2010
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I just recently had the opportunity to really get involved with an Apple Ipod Touch and after browsing through hundreds of apps I am curious to when Apple developers are going to develop the same apps for Android? Since I am a pro musician I love the fact that there are so many apps that are for musicians on apple but since I am a die-hard Android lover would like to see many of these apps come to android. Is there a reason that developers are choosing to develop apps for apple instead of Android? Now that Android is becoming more popular then Iphone/Ipod and the recent development of dualcore processors, do you see this changing in the near future?


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Sep 2, 2010
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There was an interesting article with the dev behind "rocket cars" (or something like that) on android police the other day. He basically discussed the few key problems they had porting their game from ios.

The huge amount of different devices is probably the biggest factor, followed by lack of Google dev tools and the inabilty for paid apps to sell in the market. Google needs to worker harder to get ios devs on board. Watching people play Dead Space is torture.