How much screen on time determines you a "______" user


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May 16, 2013
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So I sometimes I will bump into users saying they are light user, moderate, or heavy. But some heavy user may say that they're heavy with only 2-3 hrs of screen time. But since i can average around 5.5 hrs of screen time with my phone from 100% I consider those people as moderate user.
So it's kind of vague when people say that they are heavy user without telling us how much screen on time they have. IMO, since I average 5.5 hours:
I consider 1-2 hours as light users, 2-4 as moderate and 4+ as heavy.

If you guys don't use on screen time to determine what user you are, then how do you determine yourself?
This question has been in my head ever since around a year ago and I don't know why I waited to now to post this.


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Jan 3, 2011
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I think it depends on a few factors. What are you using your phone for? How hard are you working it? Screen on time is part of the story, but not all of it.

For myself, screen on time varies a lot. I generally don't use my phone HARD (lots of multitasking), but when its quiet at work I kill a lot of time browsing social media sites and forums. So, the screen on time and constant polling for fresh data (even on wifi) does but hurt on the phone. However I'm constantly looking for more ways to integrate my phone into my life. It's because of this that a few friends consider me a "power user" but I consider myself an "average" user. I'm not a desk jockey office worker, so I don't need a smartphone for my job. I do "need" it to keep me from going insane (haha). If I use my phone just to stream radio for 8 hours straight (with very little screen on time) means the phones working the whole time, but with a short screen-on time, by your definition I'd be a light user

I know people who use their phone far more for work, and far more consistently and those I'd consider "power users", because they're often getting emails, texts, and hangouts messages for work-related stuff.

I agree that "light/medium/power" user rankings are kinda ambiguous and not clearly defined. I often wonder what each person means when they use one of those terms.