how strong is the signal compared to Samsung devices?


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May 14, 2014
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I have the M8 as my personal device and the Galaxy S5 as my work device. Both on Verizon. Right now, in the same location within the same building, they have 2 bars each.

I haven't noticed any significant difference in signal strength.


Dec 14, 2014
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Hey Coleman!

I have the HTC One M8 H-K edition. Wife and daughter have Galaxy S5. The signal strength seems to be better on my M8. Both phones read the same number of bars on signal strength, BUT they do have occasional dropped calls whereas I have none. We live in a rural area and I'm guessing you do too based on your question.

On and unrelated note, you may want to know that the Bluetooth on my M8 H-K Edition controls my Bluetooth device at a distance of over 80 feet through the walls of our house. That was an unexpected prize as the devices ALL list a maximum range of 15-20 feet. Thus, I have to believe the phone's Bluetooth strength rocks!


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