How to automate reset APN to default?


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Jan 8, 2013
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I have an HTC One X (4.1.1) on O2 in the UK and every couple of days it stops getting a data connection. I contacted O2 who told me to reset the APN to default, wait an hour then reboot which fixes the problem. For another day or so......

Is there a better / permanent fix for this or at least a way to automate this process? I have automateit but I can't get it to access menu clicks - is there an alternative macro app that would do this?


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Jan 5, 2012
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Odp: How to automate reset APN to default?

You sould set APN once and forget about it, if you need to reset it every day it means something is wrong and most likely have nothing to do with APN as it contains exact same configuration (or else you change it).