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How to change a file's date and time in Redmi phone's Gallery?

Yinon Hever

New member
May 31, 2020
Some photos on my Redmi 8 phone got the wrong creation date and time in the phone's Gallery app (after I copied them from my PC backup). I need to change the date and time of these photos, but the Gallery app only lets me change the date of the file - not the time. I tried using the 3rd party app Total Commander to change the files' date and time, but it doesn't change anything in the phone's Gallery app - files are still displayed with the wrong date and time there (or at least with the wrong time).

What can I do to change the displayed date and time of my files in the Gallery app (the built-in gallery of the phone)?

B. Diddy

Senior Ambassador
Mar 9, 2012
Welcome to Android Central! I don't think you can edit that. You may need to look for a 3rd party gallery app that will display your photos by the date they were taken, not by the date the files were created. I think Google Photos does that -- can you try that?