How to end excessive data usage (OS Android) in wifi?


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Dec 1, 2014
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Hi everyone.

My specifications:
Alcatal One Touch Idol Mini
Firmware 4.2.2.


On Wednesday, Friday and today OS Android Systems have performed background downloads during wifi connection of nealry 1.5 GB (yes, Gigabyte).

The problem is that I am living in staff accomodation with an allowance of 100 MB per day or a total of 1 GB per week. I am far beyond and affraid of beeing cut off. This is not happening in mobile connection, but I cannot switch it over since my mobile contract has 1 GB per MONTH so it is enough for facebook, emails, instagram ect but not for hungry Android.

What I have tried so far:

- go on airplane mode and back on

- go to seetings - data usage - switched on wifi as well and restricted background data for OS Android. (this seems to work however when I am on mobile data) I also unchecked auto sync

- I downloaded the tool "My Data Manager" to track the data and it is definilty only the issue on wifi. Data usage splits the usage up, so what I see as OS Android Service might include Playstore as well.

- I deleted all updates from ALL google apps (i never use them, just playstore to download occasional apps, like 4 per month). I disabled all of them (like books, music ect.)

- in playstore I set the settings to no auto-update of apps and no notifications of updates

- I don´t have a live wallpaper, just one widget on the lock screen displaying the current weather conditions.

I am kind of helpless, is this something which will stop? It did not happen for example on Monday and Tuesday.

Looking forward and appreciate any help - thank you very much!