How to fix my SAMSUNG GALAXY S6 edge plus black screen but the notification blue light is flashing?


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Sep 22, 2018
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Hello everyone,

Hope my email finds you well.

I have a SAMSUNG GALAXY S6 edge plus phone. Yesterday, the screen turned to black but the notification blue light is still flashing.

Someone informed me, to do these 2 steps :

1. press (Power button + Volume button) or (Home button + Volume button) or (Power + Volume + Home button) then it will reboot normally ..

2. Wipe Cache Partition .

-- But my questions are : --

1. Will these solutions (of the 1rst step) format my phone and turn it as a new one ?? or just restart it and will be back to its normal and last status by keeping all my apps, photos, videos, files, etc.

2. What is the meaning of "Wipe cache partition" ? Also, does it affect my files and photos in the phone ?

Could anyone help me to resolve these issues, please ??

I am so sorry about my many questions .. but really my phone is very important to me and I am afraid to do the above steps without asking about them.

And Thanks in Advance.



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Feb 12, 2012
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1. Volume Up+Home+power. That reboots to the recovery partition. So far, you've just restarted the phone, but to a different partition (like having Windows and Linux on the same computer). It hasn't "done" anything yet.

2. Wipe the cache, nothing else. Do not wipe data. That cleans up anything the system didn't clean up the last time you restarted or turned the phone off. It doesn't format the phone or turn it into a new one. Factory reset does that. (It's in the same menu - don't choose it.)

Wiping cache doesn't affect anything. The data stored in cache is mostly data either left from a previous session or data stored (for an app, in the app's cache) so that the next time you start running it, it may start a bit faster.

However ... the blue light flashing constantly says that the phone is accessing storage constantly. That's not usually due to anything in cache, that's usually due to corrupt storage. You could try just turning the phone off, leaving it off for a few seconds, then turning it on again. Then, if that doesn't help, try clearing cache.

If that doesn't fix it, I hope you have everything you need backed up, because the only fix will lose everything not backed up somewhere else (like pictures synced to Google). You have to reflash the firmware. You can do that yourself ([Samsung] How to flash Stock ROM via ODIN) or you can pay a repair shop to do it (or your carrier may do it for free - it depends on the carrier - AT&T usually will at a Device Support Center). But, as I said, that installs stock firmware - none of your pictures, music, settings, etc. Those you can only get from a backup.

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