How to get back to older app version?


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Nov 9, 2014
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Ok guys a qwick question my phone for some weird reason updated the stock Samsung calculator to the latest version and the version I was on was much better in looks and usage.and I have auto update off for play store and generally all software updates blocked, so not sure what happened.

So the question is if I factory reset my phone I'll get the old factory version back right?but what will happen when I reinstall my back up will that be the new version i dont want or will it stay on the factory version I like as long as I make sure auto updates are off in the play store and galaxy store?


Jul 14, 2011
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If the update was an OS one, then nope, restoring to 'factory' default will have the updated new OS image. If the app was updated as a standalone app (something you can uninstall), you can try to find an older version and install that manually (side-loading), but most official repositories will have the newest version.