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How to maintain YouTube playback when my phone is in sleep mode


New member
Dec 20, 2016
Hi all,

Due to the lack of storage space on my Moto G 3rd generation, I am unable to hold a large quantity of music on my phone. I have sorted all my music in playlists on YouTube which is great when I am using my laptop as there is a shuffle feature. But when I use my phone, I cannot listen to music on YouTube unless the phone is unlocked and the screen active. This causes problems when my phone is in my pocket as the app sometimes closes or some songs are accidentally skipped. As soon as I lock my phone, YouTube playback stops instantly and I have to unlock the phone to play the video again.

Is there anyway that I can enable playback on YouTube while my phone is locked? Ideally, the playlist would continue to play in order while my phone is locked. Or alternatively, is there a way of keeping the phone unlocked and making it so that the app is not affected?