How to make my Galaxy A53 turn on Driving mode automatically


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Jul 1, 2022
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So I'm new here. I love forums for help and to help when I can.
I use Verizon and the Message + app for text messaging. I just got a new Galaxy A53. I can turn on Driving Mode manually at any time to send an auto reply if someone texts me, so I have to turn it on every time I get into my car, (which I didn't have to do with my Galaxy S8). My phone blu tooths to my car stereo so I can talk hands free etc... The Galaxy A53 is pretty much the same as all the Galaxy's near as I can tell including the settings. It's a good phone.
My Galaxy S8 turned on the auto reply automatically when it connected to my car stereo, then turned it off when it disconnected. I didn't have to do anything when I got into or out of my car. (which I got the new to me car while I had the S8 and I think I just hit Ok when it wanted to connect the first time and it did everything from then on, so I didn't mess with any settings.. lol) It was all automatic. Now I have the same car but new phone and have to turn Auto reply on manually and it sends an auto reply even if I'm not driving. It does it whether it's on Driving mode, or Auto reply mode, either one.

So summary: How can I just get into my car and have my phone detect it's connected to the stereo and turn on the driving mode auto reply, then turn it back off when it detects it is no longer connected to the stereo. I've tried every thing except what works!
Thank you anyone!


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Dec 7, 2012
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I'd imagine there's a setting in driving mode... If not you can probably set up a bixby routine to do it.

I'm not a driver, sorry. but I figured an educated guess is better than no answer.

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