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How to NOT connect automatically to a network?


New member
Jan 24, 2014
How do I set the phone to NOT connect to a network unless I need to?

Now it connects to that network automatically.

I cannot "forget" the network. I cannot switch off the network. I must leave ON the phone's network radio.


I installed a video dashcam recorder in my car and it broadcasts a network (cannot be switched off) that SOMETIMES I need to access to setup, configure, view recorded videos, etc.. This network does not access the internet.

When I drive I need my phone's DATA connection to access the internet (WhatsApp, etc.) and I need my phone's network radio to be on to help google maps and other apps locate my position.

If I leave my phone's radio on, my phone connects to my dashcam network and cannot access internet blocking WhatsApp and other apps.

Can anyone help me, pls? I thank in advance your time/expertise.

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