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How to remove all currently working app ?


New member
Dec 7, 2015

I use Android M with the Nexus 6p and when I see all the applications running, I don't know how to delete all.
Actually, I remove the apps one by one...



Retired Moderator
Nov 21, 2012
A 'close all' button isn't in the system. Google wants to discourage people from closing out app like that... Android memory management should handle things on its own.

siribalwant KHALSA

New member
Nov 23, 2014
but it does not work. i sometimes go to bring an app back up and i have to close 10 or 15 of them to get to the one i want because everything just stays open seemingly forever.

it would be fine if they built in something automatic (particularly if it worked - i have a 4 hr horror story re google voice turning off my phone and no one in google knowing how to fix it). But they should allow for manual, especially when they have software that (whether they acknowledge it or not) is a beta program that does not work very well yet. They generally make cool stuff but they are often so arrogantly obnoxious.