How To Separate A Nexus 7 2012 Working LCD From A Cracked And Broken Touchscreen


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May 17, 2014
After a number of recent questions from Subscribers to my fixed1t Nexus 7 Youtube Playlist asking how I separate a Working LCD on a Nexus 7 2012 from its smashed glued on Touchscreen, I decided to spill the beans. If you have a Nexus 7 with a cracked screen and want to buy a replacement Touchscreen and use your existing working LCD, rather than pay £39+ shipping or $60+ for the LCD Touchscreen unit, then here is how I do it every few days.

The answer is in two parts and consists of 2 x videos, to make things simple the videos have links embedded in them to link to their opposite number.

As I don't have enough credentials to post links here, then the videos can be found by typing fixed1t in YouTube and looking for my latest videos. I have now started putting links in videos to other associated videos in a series so once you find one the rest should re-appear.

Video 1: How To Separate A Nexus 7 Working LCD From Broken Touchscreen Part 1

Explains what equipment I use and the set up I use to undertake the separation.

Video 2: How To Separate A Nexus 7 Working LCD From Broken Touchscreen Part 2

Shows exactly how I separate the LCD from the Touchscreen, and test it.

Also once the LCD has been successfully separated from the Touchscreen, then the funs begins or trying to remove the awful Nexus 7 LOCA glue from the LCD without destroying it. Normal LOCA Glue Remover as advertised on eBay etc, won't shift it, neither will Isopropyl ALCOHOL, not Acetone. The only real way to shift it is be using the fixed1t Nexus 7 LOCA glue removing putty, which comes free when the split the Nexus 7 LCD from the Touchscreen.

Video 3: Removing UV Glue LOCA from Working LCD Display of a Nexus 7 In 5 Minutes

Video 4: Removing LOCA Glue From A Nexus 7 - How I Make The LOCA Removing Putty

If planning to undertake this task then I recommend watching all 4 x videos through completely at least once, this is a 'One Chance' task and if a mistake is made then the LCD Display could get broken requiring the more expensive Touchscreen+LCD unit to be purchased.

If you find the videos useful or helpful please like, thumbs up and share them with others.

Regards Malcolm (aka fixed1t)

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