How to solve a Motorola One boot loop problem?

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My ageing phone suddenly started a boot loop problem and I have not been able to escape it by selecting various boot options. I do not want to do a factory reset because I have valuable data which I would lose. If I go into Android Recovery mode, I have options to "Apply update from ADB", "Apply update from SD card", "Mount /System", View recovery logs", "Run graphics test" or "Run locale test". Since I don't have ADB installed on the phone and I can't access anything on the phone, I am inclined to try and apply an update from an SD card, which I can physically insert into the card tray. The big question is what update should I apply? The options are many and the only hint I have is a comment at the bottom of the recovery screen which says "Supported API: 3". can anyone please point me to an file that might work for a Motorola One, which was new in around 2018?