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How to Use Google Calendar Exclusively


Active member
Sep 20, 2012
Does anyone use Google Calendar exclusively? I've not found a way yet to use just Google Calendar. Upon first install I get the "Google Calendar has stopped" error. Opening the app again works, but nothing syncs from my online calendar.

By exclusively, I've disabled the Samsung Calendar apps that can be disabled. The 120KB Calendar can't be disabled (shown below) as I don't want duplicate calendar events/reminders to pop up.

Is there an easier way to not use the Samsung Calendar so that I can only use Google Calendar? I don't mind the Samsung Calendar being installed or even active, just don't want to use it.



Retired Moderator
Mar 22, 2011
I disable the Samsung calendar but I still get some of its alerts. Not sure why, but my configuration is a bit strange. I do not use the Google calendar on the desktop. I use my Microsoft Outlook calendar. I love the Google calendar on the phone.


New member
Nov 12, 2009
I would go to the Calendar app, open and click on the three dots at the bottom. I believe this will show you all the Calendars that have access to your Calendar. Click them all off except the Google Calendar and see if this works. Good Luck.