HTC EVO 3D unlocked but can't use data? HELP!!


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Jun 3, 2012
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So I got an HTC EVO 3D running 2.3.4 an unlocked it . I can make calls and text but can't use network data, just wifi. I go to the network settings and I see there are only GSM and CDMA options- I'm with an HSPDA provider. So am I just screwed because the phone I got just won't work on HSPDA or do I have to boot it or root it or whatever to make it HSPDA be an option in my network menu? It can recognize my network though nothing comes up in APN's. I've tried it GSM only CDMA only and auto detect.

I unlocked it with just a lock key I bought even though i know I could have found a free way to do it here- I just wanted it working asap. Can I un-unlock it and redo it?

If it's a hardware thing where since it's a GSM phone it just doesn't have the right receiver is that a cheap easy fix I could take somewhere and you can easily open it up and change that or I just screwed myself only because I was trying to help someone out . I have a 6G plan and not using any of it :(

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