HTC M9, Charging Issue?


Sep 27, 2013
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Device in question is a HTC One M9, running Android 6.0

Since I got this phone, I bought a few QC 2.0 chargers for it, mainly for car use. Worked great, until a few weeks ago.

Now, every time I plug in a QC charger, I get the "slow charging, use original charger" message and the battery actually discharges while it's plugged in. This is incredibly annoying, since I use the phone for bluetooth music in the car. In the past the battery would charge up rather quickly, even while being used.

But if I plug in a regular 2.4A charger, or even plug it into a PC's USB port, it charges normally (not as fast as QC did when it worked, but it charges) and no "slow charging" warning.

I have tried several charger/cable combinations, and it's the same every time. QC chargers don't actually charge the device, but non-QC chargers seem to work normally.

I've tried rebooting in safe mode to rule out some kind of app interfering with QC capability, but no change. I'm tempted to factory reset it, but that's a pain in the ***, especially if it doesn't fix the issue.

Any ideas? TIA.