HTC One M8, how can I fix some photo problems?


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Nov 25, 2015
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HTC One M8 - Photo problems

My HTC One M8 has developed two photo problems.

Firstly, it has started to lose photo's I have taken. They initially show ok in the small preview window in the bottom right hand corner of the camera app and appear in the Gallery app too. Then, after an indeterminate period, they disappear altogether or else are replaced with a grey image (not a photo, just a plain grey "box")

My camera app is set to save photos to the DCIM\100Media folder on my SD Card and if I check details on the image whilst it is visible in the Gallery App then it shows the file location as /storage/ext_sd/DCIM/100MEDIA

If I look using the Android File Manger app, then I can't see the newly taken photo in the above location at any time. I can, however, see it through File Explorer on a Windows PC if I connect the phone via a USB cable.

It is interesting to note that I have a continuous and unbroken series of images numbered consecutively up to 15th November when this issue first started. I then have a gap of 43 file numbers, showing the number of image files which have suffered this fate!

A possibly related issue arose from this in that I decided to copy all of the photos on my SD card onto my PC. I did this by connecting the phone using a USB cable and moving the photo files out of SD Card\DCIM\100Media onto my pc, i.e. I deleting them from the SD card. Having done so I could see via Windows File Explorer, the Android File Manager and the Gallery app that the DCIM\100Media folder was empty.

A couple of days later, they all seem to be reappeared and can be viewed using the Galleries App, File Manager on the phone or File Explorer on a windows pc when the phone is connected using a USB cable as described above.

I should say, that I have been happily using the phone in this configuration since April 2014 and that non of the Apps involved appear to have been updated recently.

The phone is an HTC One M8 running 5.0.1 and Sense 6.0.

Any ideas would be welcome.

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