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HTC One M8 Stuck in Factory Reset Loop


New member
Feb 20, 2015
Hey Guys, so this is my first Android and it was working great up until a few days ago. It became very, very laggy and unresponsive so I decided to do a hard reset, well when I started the hard reset it just kept rebooting. It would show the status bar and factory reset symbol for a few seconds, then reboot and repeat. It is now currently stuck on the HTC boot screen and If I try to restart it it all just happens again. I didn't change a thing on the phone, no ROMs, no rooting, nothing, just plain out-of-the-box software. Can anyone help me understand what I should do?

Info: Running 4.4.4 I believe, Phone worked fine for months, then suddenly started acting like this out of the blue (maybe some sort of bad update?)