HTC Sensation Contacts very slow to load


May 19, 2011
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Is anyone else having this issue?

When bring up my contacts it take a really long time to load, and when I choose a contac it takes even longer to load that contact....about 15-20 secs...sometimes more and sometimes it just crashes...

Same thing if I am typing an email or a text and I type a contact name, it takes a really long time to load that contact...

Anyone experience this and know of a fix?


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Sep 27, 2011
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I had the same problem you described... and it is solved when i mailed HTC Customer Support and they provide me the steps below:

Kindly try to perform a soft reset for your phone by removing the battery and then re-inserting it or by re-starting the phone.
If the problem is not resolved, please try to put the phone on the safe mode by following the below steps:

1- Turn off the device (Remove the battery)
2- Turn on the device without pressing any thing
3- When you see HTC logo press and hold Vol. Down until the device Vibrates.
If the problem is resolved, please uninstall any third party applications installed over the phone by following the below steps:
Menu -> Settings -> Applications -> manage applications -> uninstall

If the problem is not resolved, kindly try to have a back up for the data and perform factory reset by following the below steps:
Menu -> settings -> SD and phone storage -> factory data reset.

Note: Your phone will be set back to factory default settings. Make sure that any additional installed programs and important data on your phone have been backed up before you perform a factory reset.

If Encrypt files when placed on a storage card is enabled, back up all files from the storage card before performing a factory reset or updating the operating system. Otherwise, you will no longer be able to access the encrypted files on the storage card.

My Problem is solved once i unistalled third party GOContacts application. once i did unistallation, the contacts loads very fast and smoothly...

Faris Haridi...