I got my pocket little a wet when using the hose and some got into the speaker

Jude Ransford

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Dec 5, 2014
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I was using the hose this morning and somehow water got on my pocket and wet the speaker on my S4 now the sound has gone completely but the phone worked well and earphones seemed to work for sound . Couple of hours later when i got home i went to press a button on my phone and now the screen has gone completely green .
I have now taken the back cover off and the battery out and have put the phone in rice I hope its not to late as im sick and in a wheelchair and i need my phone incase of a meical problem when im I hope someone can help me .


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Feb 12, 2012
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I hope its not to late
Sorry, but it probably was by the time you got the phone out of your pocket. Read Wet Phone. (NOW doesn't mean in 5 seconds, it means as fast as humanly possible. The phone, even if it's turned off, is connected to the battery, and electrolysis has already started.)