I like my BobJ Rugged Nexus 7 case


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Aug 5, 2012
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I had another case that did nothing to protect the N7 if I dropped in. It didn't fit well and the on/off & volume buttons were hard to use.

This new BobJ Rugged Case fits the N7 like a glove. The on/off & volume buttons are easy access. It also feels nice to hold since it is a silicone that gives you a good grip with the rounded bezel. I haven't tried it but I think this would save my N7 if I dropped it from breaking. The N7 seems to float in a pocket of thick silicone. Note one of the side pictures here shows a cut out to show the pocket but it covers all sides on the N7. It still fits in a cargo pocket but little tough to get in the back pocket of my jeans now but I have got it to fit. Also, it is cheap. I got Batfish Blue and I love it.

Amazon.com: Bobj Rugged Case for Nexus 7 Tablet - BobjGear protective cover - Bold Black: Computers & Accessories