I Need a little help with some audio headphone settings!.. ;)


Jun 5, 2012
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So yeah i just migrate to the galaxy s3 3 days ago ( i was using the galaxy s2 epic 4g before), but im having some little issues now.

1- how can i disable or turn off the voice that says "the folder is open, or the folder is closed"? and yeah i use lightflow

2- Im getting really confussed when im listening to music (i use the dr dre beats TOUR with controltalk). When i listen to my music and i open another app like a game or other app that have audio, the music stops completely and no sound at all in the headphones (it will sound in the s3 speaker instead). what im missing here? or what i have to enable? so i dont have this issues. when i was using the S2 EPIC 4G i didnt have no issues at all.

3-samething goes when dialing a # while listening to music. the music will stop and then i have to continue talking in the phone without my headphones (i normally use the controltalk to speak). what do i have to enable?

4-last question is about when rooting the phone. i tried a couple of times already with the guide that is in here + youtube videos but i get stuck with the last step (when you restart your phone and select "install from sdcard"). I keep getting the error "unable to install" with red letters & no root succesfull. what im missing from the process?

thanks in advanced!.. =)