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May 15, 2013
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So I bought an unlocked Samsung Galaxy Note from Korea. It had its original software and i loved it. But the phone wouldn't send SMS and i had a tech guy try to fix it and he changed the software to Cyanogenmod 9. I didnt like this software so i tried changing on my own with youtube videos. I donwload the JellyBean Software and the video said i would need to hold the volume down+power+home button. It was supposed to take a screen shot but it didnt and i guessed it was because of the software. On the Cyanogenmod 9, you have the option to "Reboot", "Recovery", and "Download". I went with "recovery" and my phone shut off BUT when i try turning it on it just vibrates and says Samsung. It does that over and over and over. It wont turn completely on. I have been taking the battery out and turning it on but its still the same. I then pressed the volume down+power+home buttons and it took me to the "Warning... OS..." (i dont remember) and at the bottom it said press "Volume up to continue" and "Volume down the cancel". I went with "CONTINUE" and now i am at ODIN MODE. At the bottom it says 'Downloading". But it is taking a long time.

I just want to use my phone again. Whether it changes the software or not. HELP? Please. I hope i didnt mess up my phone.

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