Inbrics M1 - Could've been a Droid-killer?


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Dec 15, 2009
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This little known company released an Android phone at CES today..

Inbrics M1 is the thinnest Android slider we've seen, probably everything we ever wanted -- Engadget

The Inbrics M1 is a slider handset with a (great) 3.7-inch WVGA AMOLED display, 3 megapixel camera, front-facing VGA camera, 16GB of built-in storage, microSD slot and all the other usual trimmings, but what's particularly stunning is that the phone is not only half an inch thick, but it has a full QWERTY keyboard that's surprisingly clicky and typable. The phone is running Android 1.5 right now, but it should be up to Android 2.0 by the time it hits the market in March. The biggest concern is the 800MHz Samsung processor, the same chip that's in the Samsung Moment, but the interface (as demonstrated in the video after the break) is smooth as butter, and they demo'd it playing back 720p video just fine.

Based on the feature list, it sounds like an amazing phone. The rundown was beautiful enough to start making me want that instead of a Droid. It sounds as if the developers were paying attention to what Android users want with their phones and tried to make that happen. There were a few shortfalls like a 3 MP instead of a 5 MP camera, but I think that's because they don't have the ability to leverage lower prices and bulk rates with suppliers like larger companies.

However, I don't think that it will be quite as beautiful in real life. Odds are, whatever carrier picks it up will take advantage of the setup and load it up with their ware. If only Google had picked this phone up...

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