InstaPrice: Add Price to Photo - 1.1.10


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Jan 3, 2016
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InstaPrice: Add Price to Photo - 1.1.10

Requirements: 4.0+
Overview: Quickly snap product photos, add prices and share them via your social networks.
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Do you want to quickly add a price caption to a photo and share it via Instagram or other social networks? With InstaPrice you can do it in seconds! Just install the app, snap a picture, add a photo price that will be be prominently displayed in 2 currencies and let the world see it!

Forget garage sales, now you can have Instagram sales! Photograph the items you want to sell with InstaPrice, add desired pricing and share those quickly with followers. You can add short descriptions and even make it look better by using a professionally-designed photo cover (up to 90 templates available).

InstaPrice can be used in conjunction with everything that needs a price and a photo, basically the basis of every Internet sale.
Do you sell items via eBay or other auction sites? InstaPrice makes it a breeze to take a photo of what you want to sell, attach pricing and details and post it online.
Are you a realtor? Use InstaPrice to take photos of properties, add pricing and rapidly have that advertised for prospective buyers right from your phone.
Did you spot an item on sale in a physical shop? Alert your friends by taking a photo and mentioning the discounted price.
Finally realized your expensive dream? Share your success with friends by taking a photo of your car/house/gadget and add pricing info and details, all with the same app, InstaPrice.

Main features:
- Easily add prices to photos. InstaPrice lets you quickly add a photo caption with pricing details. The photo price is displayed in two different currencies, so for example you can display the main price in EUROS and have the secondary one automatically converted to USD.
- Add & edit photos. Using its clean material-design interface you can quickly snap a photo with your camera or add an existing one from your gallery and attach pricing information. The photo can also be edited by zooming into a particular section or moving it on screen to achieve the desired effect.
- Creative photo covers. 10 different photo covers you can pick from to attach pricing & other captions for an existing photo. You can go for a basic display, circular one, modern/hip look and up to 90 more photo covers by upgrading to the PRO version. This will give you the flexibility of creating various professionally-framed photos with pricing shown in 2 currencies.
- Share photos in an instant. Add geo-location to your photos (shared from Foursquare or a custom place) to specify the shop or location where the photos were taken and share them via your social accounts. Easily share photos with pricing attached via Instagram, with your Facebook friends, Twitter followers, SMS/MMS/Email or even quickly create eBay auctions using these.
- Add photo captions. Aside the pricing information you can display other text captions such as a short description where you can add details about the particular item you are selling or sharing.
- Currency options. If you need to attach pricing information faster you can set your desired default currency and all subsequent photos will show that as the main one. You can also decide to round up amounts on conversion or just have only one currency displayed.

InstaPrice is a many-in-1 app with the main purpose of easing photo sharing with attached pricing information and description. It can be used to quickly start Internet sales on image-focused social networks (i.e. Instagram, Facebook), as a deal spotter (i.e. low price sale of certain products) and even as a travel buddy as you can snap photos of hotel rooms/restaurants with pricing information attached to remember later or recommend those to friends.

Is there a particular feature you’d like to see in future versions of InstaPrice or want to share your thoughts on what we can do to make it better? Then share your feedback by contacting us or leaving your review.

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