international SIM unlock seems gone after factory reset


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Sep 8, 2010
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Back in March, I had Sprint unlock both my and my wife's S4s for international sim use. We bought sims in Thailand and used them with no problem, and my wife subsequently used a UK SIM also. Then we had some mishaps and needed to send the phones to Samsung for LCD replacements. They do a factory reset on everything that comes in for repair. Now my wife is back in the UK and trying to use a UK sim. She gets an invalid SIM message. Sprint had her try Settings->system update -> uicc unlock, which failed with an error message to call customer service. My phone, connected to sprint here in the US gives the same error. Also, I notice that I can't edit the APN settings, which I believe I could when unlocked before. Sprint claims they can't push the unlock through again and it somehow magically persists across factory resets because 'it's in the software of the device'. When I pointed out that the phone appears to be locked because I can't get in to the APN settings, the sprint rep told me I'd have to call Samsung because that's a question about the phone.

UGH, I just want to be able to keep in touch with my wife while she's away. Anyone know how I can get this working again?

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