Invitation to a free test of the first dedicated Android Wear Smartwatch keyboard

Jul 7, 2015
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Hello fellow Android Wear users,

We are Infiniti Technology, a start-up company that has just very recently claimed the top prize in the CeBIT’s 2015 start-up pitchfest after showcasing our ground-breaking smartwatch keyboard that makes typing messages on a smartwatch both fast and intuitive.
First ever dedicated Smartwatch Keyboard is coming

We would like to invite all of you to test our first ever developed dedicated smartwatch keyboard and would love to receive your feedback, good or bad. To get your hands on testing our TouchOne Keyboard for Android Phone and Android Watch, go to our website and enter in your email and we will send you the App for free.

Check this video to see how it works:

Here’s what others are saying about the keyboard.
“Amazing Keyboard” – Murilo Fonseca
“I love it. This is the real innovation” – Lucah Int
“This keyboard will be the go to keyboard that destroys the competition (Minuum, Analog & Flesky)”
“Absolutely brilliant keyboard, I’ve used it loads” – peteb79
“Interesting keyboard! I’m excited for when I will receive the version for the watch, but I already like idea on the phone”

The multi-patents sleek and innovative design has the following built in features below:
- Improved features from the T9 keyboard on the feature phone
- A dedicated design to support all small devices, tested and proven to fit any screen size down to 3cm/1.18inches
- The patented design has also been improved to work with any type of Android wear, from square to circle
- Innovative and revolutionary 360 degree circular surface, which allows a one touch typing experience and finger ergonomics
- Up to 8 gestures are supported from the central circle of the keyboard for 8 inputs
- Support for dozens of personalized stylish themes, allowing different input methods
- Finger sized keys, certified for fat fingers
- Fully blind typeable solution

Are you sure you want to use a 150 year old keyboard in your latest technology today? Enter in your email on our website to get your free beta test on the keyboard that will change the way we type on our mobile devices. Or simply send us an email to request test We would love to hear your experience and feedback.

The Infiniti Technology team

Check out our website: TouchOne Keyboard
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