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iPhone to Android convert with a couple of (most likely simple, or stupid?) questions..


New member
Apr 14, 2014
Hi all,

Firstly, loving it.

There's just a couple of things I used to find really handy on my iphone, so I'm wondering if there is an equivalent function on the S5.

I used to be able to tap the top bar of any screen (social media, web page, etc) and it would take you back to the top of a page.
I didn't realise how much I used this feature, until I wasn't able to do it on my new phone.

I have the pattern lock on my phone. Is there a way to set this so that it only comes on after say, 20 minutes of non-phone use, rather than every time I lock the screen?
I want to keep a lock on it, but it's a bit tedious when I pick my phone up after having it locked for 30 seconds, to do the unlock pattern again.
I like keeping the phone locked and the screen off when I'm not using it though.

I have my phone on mute, with no vibrate constantly.
However, when I bump the side volume button whilst in mute, it will put it on vibrate.
I find I am constantly bumping it onto vibrate throughout the day, then having to unlock, go to settings, and change to mute again.
Is there a way to make it remain on mute without the side button putting it on vibrate accidentally?

I've read quite a few things about nova launcher, but considering I spent a whole day downloading my apps, and customizing my screens and folders, I'm a bit worried if I install nova on my phone it might put it back to factory restore or something.
Can a nova user tell me all the pro's/cons to using this launcher instead of TW?

Ok, that's all for now.
Apologies if they are silly questions, it's just taking a little bit of time to learn a whole new phone system.



New member
May 9, 2011
Re: Iphone to Android convert with a couple of (most likely simple, or stupid?) questions..

First off I use Boat Browser and Opera Browser and they have a jump to the top of page buttons as you start to scroll up.
The volume button you maybe just have to get used to it not sure.

Nova Launcher :
You can parse all of the work you have done setting up your screens from TW.
The dock is scrollable and you can add up to 3 docks with up to 7 icons or folders in an infinite scroll(I use this to keep my homescreen clean clear and uncluttered) . For also i like different icon packs, I use vintage by stealthy chief. And it's fast!

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