Is android right for me?

Feb 17, 2011
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I am a former windows mobile user (Sprint Mogul and HTC Touch diamond), who currently has a blackberry and a palm pre. I am looking to make a change soon, to try and go from 3 devices in my pocket (blackberry for work, pre as phone, ipod touch for games and musc) to one, or maybe two. My exchange server will allow the iphone on, but will not work with android (they are considering allowing the droid pro on, but that doesn't appeal to me), which means that an android phone can't replace my blackberry. Based on the following views and requirements, do you think Android (specifically the Xperia Play) makes sense for me?

1. I don't social network. I don't use twitter or facebook or anything like that.
2. I do use the gps on my pre or blackberry every now and then (don't need to in my lexus, but my station car does not have one, so when i rarely drive it anywhere but to the train, I would like to be able to use it)
3. I am a big time mobile gamer, mostly playing rpgs and strategy games. I love the range of games available on my ipod touch. I don't play things like angry birds.
4. I currently have at least 70 games on my ipod touch, so good organization is important to me.
5. I don't like tweaking. I used to do it on my windows mobile phones, and grew to hate it. I will not be flashing custom roms or anything like that.
6. 4g tethering would be a huge plus, although I may just buy a 4g mifi when they are out.
7. I am not sure how I feel about large screen phones, but if there is less in my pocket, maybe it will be alright. My father-in-law has an evo 4g, and it is a beautiful phone, but man is it big. I don't see how it can fit in my pocket along with my wallet (I don't want my phone in the same pocket as my keys for obvious reasons).
8. I am a huge fan of google services in general. I use gmail exclusively for personal email, and use google reader extensively.

Thanks in advance for any responses!

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