Is it possible to build a custom key logger with reporting?

Shay Picar

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Aug 8, 2018
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I won't pull any punches here. I have a hard time controlling myself on the internet and recently looked at pornography. I'm sure for some people that doesn't seem like a problem, but for me it is. It has caused my wife incredible pain. That may seem harsh, but it's not because my wife is controlling. It's because I told her I wouldn't do it, but I can't keep my word. That makes her feel she cannot trust me. Understandably. This is not about me being free from porn for my wife's sake. This is about me being free from porn for my own sake.

On my desktop computers, I've been running monitoring software. It does not block any sites or limit my access at all; rather, it logs my internet activity and sends a report to a trusted friend. This has been enough to keep me from going anywhere I shouldn't (my friend will, for example, know that I was on today). The program is designed as a set of lines on the road rather than an impenetrable wall.

I'll describe what I'd like to have on my phone. For starters, just opine whether it is possible.

1. I'd like to custom build a keylogging program to install on my iPhone. Ok, ok, I know this is androidcentral. All of my research suggests that such a program, if viable at all, could only be created for Android, not IOS. So, I will change phones in order to obtain what I seek. So, I'd like to custom build a keylogger for Android. The reason I'd prefer to custom build it is because of the obvious danger of installing a third party keylogger. All of the supposed keyloggers out there that I have come across have written descriptions that were clearly written by non-English speakers. That makes me nervous because I assume, if a keylogger were possible, it would be possible to include a backdoor by which the developer could access all my data (keystrokes). It seems to me that most of the "keyloggers" out there were really written by hackers and are disguised as parental controls. I hope I'm wrong about that, but the risks are too high to ignore the possibility.

2. I need a means of adding key words that the program will search for. For any such key words that are found in the log, I'd like the program to generate a report which is delivered to my friend via e-mail or some other way at some set time interval (daily, weekly, etc.). I do not want to have any means of removing such keywords from the list once they are entered. So for example, in my saner moments, I'll add the word "porn" to the key word list, but I do not want the ability, in moments of weakness, to then remove the word "porn" from that list. This needs to be a one-way street.

3. I need to ensure that my friend is notified if I uninstall, disable, or attempt in any way to edit the logging app. Note that I am not looking to block my ability to perform these actions, but rather simply want my friend to know if I have done these actions. So, for example, if I edit the key words list and remove the word "porn" from it, I want my friend to be notified of the fact, at a minimum, that I edited the app. Alternatively, I am perfectly comfortable if I simply am not able to edit the app. So, for example, if the app is password protected, I trust my friend to set the password and not give it to me. Think of Odysseus and the Sirens, the story by Homer wherein Odysseus, in a moment of clarity, instructs his crew to block their ears, tie him to the mast of the ship, and refuse to untie him no matter what he later orders or requests when, he anticipates, his judgment will be clouded by the call of the Sirens. See, this is millennia-old problem with men!

The reason that I am looking for a key logging app is that I find it too easy to locate pornographic images in apps other than web browsers. For example, there's some real questionable content in YouTube and even in the app stores. I want to ensure that if I search for certain words or strings, even in those apps, my friend will know.

So, is it possible?

Please respond and dialogue. Also, if anyone wishes to contact me directly, let me know and I will find a way to get my e-mail address to you.

Thanks in advance to all!