Is my GNex dying?

Amy Hisey

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Apr 6, 2013
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Hello everyone..
I have my VZW Samsung Galaxy Nexus, which generally speaking I loved up until a couple of months ago.

Now, it sporadically sends text messages, never sends picture messages (they get locked in "Sending" mode and I never know if they go out or not), apps are continually stopping--"Unfortunately, xxxAPP has stopped" Or "xxxAPP is not responding, do you want to close it? Wait/No/OK" and the latest issue is that the clocks on the front of the phone will sometimes be out of sync (the widget on the screen and the system clock, with the system clock being up to several minutes behind)--after I get a message that the actual process "SYSTEM" has crashed.
Generally the performance has decreased, sometimes I will miss calls because the screen stays blank (black) and I can't see who's calling, and darn if I know how to answer without swiping the screen.
Switching between apps is a nightmare any more.
Also I get random restarts while in the middle of tasks. I'm doing something, the screen goes blank, then I get the animated colorful "X" startup logo.

Everything is stock, and I did a factory reset because of these issues not too long didn't help.