Is my Note 5 Fried or toast?


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I have had my Note 5 for about 4 months and have never ran into a single problem. I have owned all of the Notes leading up to the 5. By far the best phone/Note i have came across. I bought a Monster audio cable for my car to plug into my phone for music. I used it the first time and unplugged it to use it, then went to plug it back in. Not even five seconds later the screen completely went black. I never ran across even a freeze problem nor a black screen with the five. The Note 2,3, and 4 of course and had many other problems. I did a hard reset but the only thing I really can do is guess how to navigate to reset hard drive ect. After doing the hard reset all I get is continues vibrates, stable blue light at the top, and when it vibrates the right side of the screen flashes a purple. From all that I'm thinking this very trusted Monster audio cable fried my Note 5 The phone has not been dropped, seen any sort of water or extreme heat.

B. Diddy

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Mar 9, 2012
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Welcome to Android Central! It's hard to say if it was truly the cable, or if it was just a coincidence. Maybe the act of plugging it in dislodge some connection inside the phone. Is the phone still under warranty? If so, then contact Samsung.


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Mar 5, 2016
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I do have it under warranty and as soon as I get the answer to why this accrued I will come back and explain for others this might happen to.