Is the Google Pixel 2 XL still a good buy?


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Oct 9, 2018
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Sorry for the long post but bear with me here. I have the original Moto Z and I've pretty much hated this phone from about 2 months in. Basically, it's been running slow since the beginning, apps lagging, all that good stuff. I know the Pixel 3 phones just got announced but even the base model of the 3 is just out of my price range at 800$. I used to be a spec heavy, feature heavy kind of person but I realize most of the stuff goes unused on my phone and so I'm really not looking for anything too crazy, just a phone that's not going to crap out on me halfway through my contract. I know Google offers 2 years of guaranteed software updates 2 years after launch, which means I'd stop getting guaranteed updates in only a year. However, the Iphone XR is really looking like a better option for me (hear me out). It's only 50$ more than the price reduction on the Pixel 2XL at 700$ and I'd be getting a brand new phone with 3+ years of updates. My Fiance's Iphone 7 is still running way smoother than my Moto Z despite being older so at this point it's looking like a better option for my price point, and like I said I don't really care about specs and I can hardly tell the difference between the oled and led panels anyways. My motorola experience has pretty much turned me off to anything that's not pure android or apple so I'm really just considering these two phones at this point. Any input would be great!


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Feb 23, 2011
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Hell yes... Especially with many of the new features from the Pixel 3 conference applying to the Pixel 2 as well..


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Nov 30, 2012
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I know you said you don't care too much about specs and you don't care much about OLED vs. LED panels, but did you know the Apple XR doesn't even have a 1080 display? Yep, it's 1792 X 828. And, yeah, it's an LED panel which is inferior to OLED. These two things about the display would be enough for me to shun it. No fingerprint reader. (yes, it has Face ID) If you like notches and bezels, this is your phone.

The Moto Z has just a thin overlay of Moto stuff on top of pure Android. I can't imagine why it slowed down on you.

My Pixel 2 XL is just as fast as it was the day I got it (last December.) The camera is the best on the market (well until the Pixel 3 comes out) and the battery life is insane. Squeeze for Google Assistant is constantly being used by me. I've used Google Lens a couple of times to identify plant life and a species of bird.

If the choice is iPhone XR or Google 2 XL, it would be 2 XL for me.


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Oct 10, 2015
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Yes!! You'll be able to find a ton of used ones in great shape on swappa now too. I just checked because I'm going to sell my p2 and it has 18 months of preferred care on it still.
I would jump on a used one if I were you. You can get one in great shape with a warranty.

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