is there a cloud way to make a playlist for physical files?


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Mar 3, 2021
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I've been battling this Note 20 Ultra for a week now and I'm on the verge of sounding like the Captain from Dr. Who's 'Pirate Planet.'

I tried different usb modes. It was MTP plus ADB, tried mtp only, then even ptp, but nothing will work. I just can't make a stable playlist from my phone, using the pc. On my S5, it was super easy. (it used .pla instead of .m3u). I've tried external programs. No luck.

Is there a way to have the physical files on my phone, but access a playlist which isn't on my phone? Say, I have Files A, B, C, and D. I want to be able to change the order of A through D and be able to add on other new files.

I think the problem is related to something which has changed since the S5. There's something which is preventing the phone from communicating fully with the pc, although I'm still able to play mp3s from on the phone to the pc (although I don't really care about that). It's still communicating, but something's not there. I can add and subtract files.

Without a decent playlist, my Note 20 Ultra will only be semi-useful. The ancient S5 still does almost everything I need, albeit not super well on a lot of apps. It does one thing well. It works GREAT as an mp3 player. Don't laugh, but I only installed 3 or 4 apps during the life of the phone; player pro, chrome and firefox. The AT&T version had apps for about everything else that I needed.

Through google searches, the .pla playlist format seems to be proprietary samsung. Although many programs at the time couldn't read .pla, which was a problem (PlayerPro could), it was very stable. I edited the same playlists for years.

The new phone won't allow me even to put a .pla file into the music folder. I tried the .m3u file. Other threads document my plight there. For those who haven't seen it, to make a long story short, at first I was able to make fresh playlists but they'd become unreadable on the pc and I couldn't add anything new. Now it won't even save a fresh .m3u playlist.

I'm forced with a conundrum. The super expensive phone is currently near useless as an mp3 player (which is 80% of what I need a phone to be) but great at most everything else. The S5 is GREAT as an mp3 player, but is increasingly mediocre at everything else.

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