Is there a method or an app to control lock screen notifications individually?

Darth Mo

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May 17, 2010
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Basically, I would like to keep the contents of text messages and other IMs private, but generally any other notifications I don't care.

One option is to turn of lock screen notifications for texting/IM apps. But this doesn't work out that well because you will get an LED alert but have no idea which app the alert came from. Generally at work, I need to respond to test messages in a relatively short time, however IMs can wait. A quick tap of the home button would show me which one I received, but with those apps hidden, I have to go through unlocking the phone.

So the other option is to have all apps on the lock screen, but to hide the content. Now this doesn't work out well because I can't tell if I get an email from a work colleague or if it's just a ad or something from a vendor. So again I may waste time unlocking the phone.

Am I missing an option? On my HTC One M8 I had previously I had the choice to hide the content from apps individually. Unless it's just in an odd location, I can't seem to find this setting anywhere.

Am I just missing it?

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