Issue with charging on the Pixel XL solved....kind of...


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Jan 26, 2017
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I picked up the Pixel XL 128 Black when they were released, having pre-ordered. Right away I noticed that I would have to reboot the phone in order to have it charge off the included charger. Maybe one a day, to once ever couple of days. Everything else works great besides a DJI app needed to connect to an Osmo.
So I try out the Support tab that I have heard so much about only to find out that they aren't much help and you need to go through your carrier.
They do call you fast though.
So I get a hold of my carrier and of course getting a 128GB Black XL is next to impossible. Well a few months later, a week ago, I get a replacement. It is always a pain moving over to a new phone, even the same phone, as I have apps that have to be re registered.
That night....I have the same problem.
Plug in the included charger...the new one....and nothing. Reboot phone...while you are unplugged....and then plug in and it works.
Same problem as the one I just swapped out.
Do a little reading, and buy a simple 4 port 4.2 amp max 2 x 2.1 amp charger.
Before all this, I have a chat session with a very nice person on the google support tab in settings, and she is basically helpless and puts me on chat hold numerous times to check with some mysterious behind the scenes decision maker who doesn't want to type for himself. Google. Called efficiency.
They tell me to deal with my carrier.
I tell them that they have already replaced my phone and I have the exact same problem.
They then say that they will replace my phone from their stock.
But only after I send my phone to them, they receive it, and then send me the replacement.
Not happening.
So stupid.
At least Rogers gave me a shipping back for my old one so that it cost me nothing but time.
I need my phone.
Not like a kid on social media, but like a person who runs a company through communicating.
Back to the charger I bought.
I plugged it in next to the google charger, and used the other included cable, USB to USB C.
Tonight, same problem. Original, no charging icon.
Plug in the other charger. Works.
Original again. Nope.
3rd party with google USB to USB C cable?
So it is either the usb c to usb c cable or the charger, and I suspect that there is a trigger for the fast charge and the higher voltage that is somehow the problem.
Anyways, I don't need fast charge at night, and in my experience, fast charging batteries is never better than a 1C charge, may not be worse, but a slower charge like over night never hurts when it comes to longevity of your battery.
This from my experience with all forms of batteries, not just in phones.
Would love google to recognize this problem and somehow fix this because this is a premium and very expensive phone.
I love it, but think that when you pay that kind of money you deserve to have it work correctly without a reboot just to charge it, every day.
Doesn't happen to my friend with a Pixel, and seems to be more the XL, which makes sense considering it has a bigger battery as a difference.
Like to hear if anyone else has had this issue.


Aug 31, 2011
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Not the exact situation.But I did receive a bad charging brick with my 128 GB black xl. The two options they gave me were 1. send phone and all accessories back and they will send me a new one when they receive mine. Seems like a horrible solution. Or 2. Purchase one off of their website and they will refund me.Seems like it's not right for me to have to spend my own money to replace a defective brick they sent me.What other company makes you pay up front for warranty work? Only to have to wait for a refund.Seems illegal to me. But with those being my two options, I paid and ordered a new charger.The best part is that they sent it the slowest possible delivery.My FedEx tracking shows that I will receive it 11 days after I ordered it.What a horrible experience the whole two month wait, paying for warranty, and then still have to wait 11 days. Google has a long way to go to compete.They certainly have lost a little bit of loyalty and respect from me.


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Jan 26, 2017
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Well said. I am going to reference this link in my answer to their support request. Like the product but this ridiculous lack of understanding when it comes to support is a big thumbs down.


Oct 21, 2010
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About 5 minutes ago my Pixel stopped charging. I tried every combination of cables (C-C, A-C, A-A w/ C adapter) and several chargers, several outlets and even battery packs. I have one charger that has a light on it when I plug it in. As soon as I plug my Pixel into the charger, the light goes out. Unplug the phone, light back on. It's like the chargers are intentionally disabling because the phone is trying to pull too much power.

The only other time I've seen this happen was with a laptop (charger would turn off any time it was plugged into the laptop) and it ended us being that the motherboard was fried.

I just chatted with Google and they are sending a new phone under warranty. I'll just be without a phone for a week :/


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Jun 4, 2010
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My 128GB pixel XL just lost its ability to quick change yesterday. (I've had it since February.) And, yes, I tried all the nonsense about switching cables, chargers, outlets, and combinations thereof. In fact, it's barely charging at all now. I don't suppose anyone has come up with a solution for having to give up your phone for a week or two?

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