Issue with video looping on Android box


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Feb 24, 2020
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Hi there,

I seem to be experiencing a strange issue when trying to loop videos on my android device (MINIX Media Hub).

I have tried using VLC and MX player. Both allow you to set a video to loop, but in my case, every time the video ends, instead of looping back to the beginning of the video it seems to start looping again at 5-10 seconds in each time.

I have checked the settings in both VLC and MX player and I can't see anywhere where I might have instructed it to do this. It's really strange.

I am using HALauncher

Occasionally I am lucky and it does start at the beginning of the video so the issue appears to be random.

Does anyone know why this might be?

Also, a secondary issue...
VLC is also annoying because it asks you every time you select a video whether or not you want it to start from the beginning (which I do) or where you left off. Can't this be set to just play from the beginning each time? When it does loop however the transition is smooth.

MX Player will automatically play from the beginning when a video is selected but there is a black screen for about 5 seconds before the video starts playing again.

So neither are ideal really. Can anyone suggest another player that will play from the beginning without me asking to each time and start looping again without a pause?

Any help greatly appreciated.