Issues with my S3 battery, can I get some help?


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Issues with my S3 battery

Okay so my Samsung galaxy s3 is stuck in a boot loop and I have looked at many similar questions and answers and watched many YouTube videos. But, mine is a bit different.

When I have it plugged in to the computer it doesn't connect. I have used different cords and power sources and nothing has worked. I have swapped batteries with a friends phone of the same model and my battery was fine. It says its charging but, I don't think it is. When I swapped batteries it said that mine was a 4% but when I plug it in and that battery icon pops up it says that its almost charged. I have factory reset it and done many other things to it.

I'm to afraid to take it apart because I don't want to mess something up bad and then not have a phone at all. The carrier is U.S. Cellular and when the phone is in the starting up process when it gets to the carriers icon it flashes white then shuts off vibrates and the grey battery icon with the spinning circle pops up. But, the circle isn't spinning like before when it worked. Almost like its not charging. But, the light is on to signal that its charging and then the icon to show how charged it is pops up and says its charging. I don't want to take it in because I'm too cheep.

Any advice would help! Thanks :)
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