Just given Fire hd 7 (2012) Is it worth bothering?


Jun 18, 2011
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Was just given a kindle fire hd 7 2012

it has a cracked screen and i am also going to replace the charge port/micro usb port

i'm proficient with phones and android tablets, I have extensive experience with rooting/romming and especially cell phone hardware repairs etc etc

My issue is, that my son had a nook tab and with all the forced *nook branded crap apps and UI i couldn't stand to even do a google search on it! Hated it! It was a Total bummer. And i purposely never messed with the nooks and kindles after that because of the bad experience of the awful and slow nook tab we had.

Just wondering if once i flash a good rom on this will it act as a decent android tablet?
I'm not expecting the world, i'm just wondering if this is decent, as like a low end android tab after flashing something good on this?

Just looking for something to stick next to the couch, with basic android functions and decent speed/decent functionality.Nothing fancy..

Any thoughts?