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Dec 20, 2009
Key Ring for Android is an application that helps organize those dreaded store discount cards. The application works in conjunction with your phones camera to work as a barcode reader to create a digital copy on your phone.

Just launch the application, touch Add Card and point your camera at the barcode. Wait for the application to read the information. If it doesn?t find your information then you can enter it manually. There are over 600 merchant logos stored in the app or you can use a dropdown list to find your store.

This app is a great way to get rid of those discount cards in your wallet and those dangling off your key chains. It?s free for download from the Android Market. Scroll below and scan the barcode to locate the app.
Supports Scanning ITF, EAN13, EAN8, UPCA, UPCE, Code128, and Code39 one dimensional barcodes
Retailer logos automatically added to 650 plus retailers from around the globe
Integrated barcode scanner
Supports adding non-barcode cards such as Hertz rental car, American Airlines etc
Backup and restore cards on SD card
Manually add your own retailers
Leverages ScanWow? technology to aid with scanning from device screen
Stores unlimited cards
Key Ring is proud to offer our newest feature, CardGuard? which protects Users from losing their information. Stay tuned for the release!
CardCare? ? Key Rings? helps to prevent the wrong amount or type of alphanumerics from being entered.
CardGlare? ? Key Rings? new feature that we embed into our software to reduce glare from cell phone screens.
CardWare? ?Key Rings? latest CardWare? Program 1.2, now includes SoftMatch? developed to match Company?s names with the software they use (bar code software).

Note: I tried this at the local Albertsons and gave up trying to get it to scan. But I haven't given up on this app yet. It's a cool concept.

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3.5 out of 5 Androids
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Nov 16, 2009
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Yeah you have to go through all this trouble to scan a code off the phone. The screen has to be clean, you need to scan it like 6 inches away and turn the brightness down.

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