keyone to keyone


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Nov 15, 2015
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I bought a keyone right out of the gate. Have really liked it although I did notice some lagging. What I notice is after an up date or a restart it would be laggy for a bit then smooth out. Also I beat the crap out of that thing and it held up really good until rain took it down. I did not want to buy a key 2 yet ( 650 to much) so a decided to get another key 1, the international duel Sim. I was irritated that I had to buy a phone now and basically the same one I'd had. I am pleasantly surprised how much better this phone is. Built better, faster, smoother, all around improved. So is the key 1 still worth getting I would say yes with the 4 ram 64 g storage version. At a good price as well. If your thinking about it, get it.