Kyocera Hydro XTRM WiFi issues


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Dec 30, 2012
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let me start by saying the hydro xtrm is 10000000 times better then all huawei phones, cant believe you dont have a seperate subforum for it, I upgraded to the xtrm from the huawei premia(which i have always had issues with, so i upgraded)

this hydro xtrm works great with about 99% of everything(takes a minut to get use to the sonic reciever and having to tap the phone to your ear to clear it up for people you talk to)

my one and only issue.

WiFi Connects fine to my wifi, which is the best possible connection money can buy from comcast, however I get nothing. when its connected to wifi it does nothing, can not load any website or use any app that connects to the web, when i turn wifi off and use mobile data it connects right away to everything. now it is the phone, not the network, no issues on any other device and never had the issue with my huawei(that one i could never get anything worth a dang of a signal for mobile data whereas the hydro the mobile data(lte) is faster the flash)

need to figure this out before i warranty the phone and wait three days for a replacement.

again to sum it up, great mobile data connection, can connect to wifi, but have NO internet when connected to wifi.

thanks for your assistance.