letstalk deal


Sep 3, 2011
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I've been monitoring these threads anxiously waiting to pull the trigger... like many others, my OG D1 is on its last legs. I was going to drive to costco for the bundle package this morning, but came across this which I think is better:

letstalk.com - price for new line: $199 OR if you're upgrading and want to keep your unlimited data: $219

ALSO: If you go there through ebates.com, you get a $45 ebates rebate.

LASTLY: You can trade in your existing phone and get more cash back. I should be getting $32 for my original droid.

All said and done, my bionic is coming overnight for $219.99, no tax, minus $77 in rebates, total AR $143.

A couple of notes: If you're upgrading from another smartphone, as covered elsewhere, you're not eligible for the $100 cash-back from verizon. So I don't feel bad for getting $32 for it through letstalk. If your phone is in good condition you may be able to get more for it elsewhere.

If you want to keep your unlimited data, make sure to edit the data plan after you added it to cart. This drove me crazy because I couldn't figure out how to actually make the edits. I figured it must be some kind of browser protocol incompatibility, In the end I got it to work from IE9 by placing it in compatibility mode.

Good luck.