LG Optimus C550 Stuck on LG Screen

Sep 15, 2011
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Hi there I have an LG Optimus C550 (got a feeling it may be only sold in the UK/Ireland) and i rooted it and now hen I start up my phone it is stuck on the LG screen and wont go any further and it has a pull out qwerty keyboard on it and the lights on the keyboard are flashing constantly on and off.

Now if only I could put this phone into a mode where my PC could recognise the phone i might have a chance to flash the factory F/W on it but the pc is not detecting the phone when I plug it in by USB cable, I have tried taking out the battery and re-inserting it and then holding 3 buttons as the phone starts up to try and force it into flash mode, the three buttons I held were Home/End/Volume down (the send and end keys are normal buttons, the home key is a touch button and normally lights up) no joy pc still wouldnt recognise phone plugged in- then I tried send/end/volume down - still the same no recognition, then I tried Home/End/Volume up and again pc wont recognise phone when I plug in the USB cable.

I am at a loss now as what to do/how to move on from the LG screen and onto the Android Screen or get my phone into recovery/flash/repair mode. Any Ideas please anyone?:(


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Jan 30, 2011
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Look up all the key combinations for your phone. There is recovery mode, but also possibly download mode, which might give you a chance to transfer files. Same goes for recovery mode, if you can get into it. Either that or look for a way to flash back root, or some ROM that will allow you to restore your phone properly.

Note: don't rename any files to update.zip just to get them to flash....if you do, don't try to flash them unless you're positive it's a good idea.

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